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Data-driven insights to build credibility and influence retailers.

The Challenge

  • HelloFresh were seeking to drive further growth by expanding into a new channel, in-store retail, through an exclusive contract with Sainsbury’s.
  • To maximise on this opportunity, HelloFresh needed to ensure the brand was listed in the store locations offering the greatest opportunity.

The Solution

  • Using Acorn to understand shopper behaviours and profiling existing HelloFresh customers, CACI identified customer groups likely to buy HelloFresh in-store rather than online.
  • Combining this with ProVision, CACI’s grocery catchment model and experience of what drives performance, CACI ranked and prioritised the Sainsbury’s stores offering the greatest opportunity for HelloFresh.

The Results

  • HelloFresh were able to use these insights to build credibility with Sainsbury’s and influence where they should be listed, and why, thus maximising the sales opportunity.
  • Marketing activity was focused around highest potential stores to efficiently drive brand awareness and sales.
  • Insights into potential new shopper demographic and types in retail environment.

Further information

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"We have been impressed by CACI’s FMCG expertise and professionalism. Launching a brand new channel for HelloFresh and in doing so, a whole new retail category in bricks & mortar. Their experience helped us to dissect big data into transferrable insights."

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A case study of data-driven insights, how to build credibility and influence retailers.

CACI's work with Hello Fresh