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Route optimisation helps CPL streamline solid fuel deliveries


CPL Distribution, a division of CPL Industries, is a leading UK-based supplier of solid fuel to retailers and consumers. Its products include smokeless fuels, house coal, logs and charcoal for barbecues. The company delivers from depots at strategic locations throughout England and Wales, using a fleet of delivery trucks of various sizes, which is augmented during the peak winter season.


  • Historically, vehicles were scheduled manually at depot level, but as operations director Graham Hughes points out, “This was just about sustainable with 120 or more orders a day, but presented a major challenge during peaks, when the order volume could increase dramatically.” Consequently, he says, lead times were suffering.
  • The company was also keen to establish a more flexible way of planning deliveries – one that would take account of the service-level agreements and delivery promise applying to different products and customer groups.


  • CPL chose the Truckstops routing and scheduling optimisation system from CACI, and initially they introduced it at two depots – Chessington and Widford, in different parts of the South East – where it is now used daily on a dynamic basis to schedule deliveries for the following day.
  • The system is the first from CACI to work in conjunction with the Microlise telematics system. Orders are pulled from CPL’s main Perito Enterprise Resource Planning suite from Equinity ICS, and are scheduled by Truckstops and then transfered wirelessly to Intermec CM50 rugged handheld computers carried by the drivers.
  • The Microlise software on these devices presents details of each delivery to the driver in turn, and also guides them to each destination, using integrated CoPilot satellite navigation software from ALK Technologies.
  • A special database-driven module was developed to extract the data from Perito and feed it to Truckstops in a suitable form. When deliveries have been made, data captured by the Microlise system is passed back to Perito for invoicing or other processing.
  • The application marks the development of a special way of using Truckstops that has been nicknamed “eco mode”. This allows the operator to apply different prioritisation to deliveries – for instance, efficiency, lead time and cost – according to service-level agreements and delivery promise.


  1. Reduced delivery cost and increased efficiency.
  2. Opportunity to centralise deliveries involving more than one depot.
  3. Prioritisation of deliveries by efficiency, lead time or cost.
  4. Ability to trial new concepts in pursuit of further delivery efficiencies.

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“We couldn’t have looked at these new ideas without first introducing Truckstops to make sure that our existing delivery operation was as efficient as we could make it.”

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