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How Channel 4 cut through the Valentine's noise with an extraordinary email

"We wanted to explore innovative ways to stand out in the inbox, on one of the busiest days of the year. The quiz email achieved the goal of grabbing users’ attention in a fun and creative way."
Andrea Tocchini, Viewer Engagement Executive


The Challenge

  • Valentine’s Day is a heavily oversaturated time of year for advertising
  • Channel 4 wanted to offer something different which celebrated its diverse audience, not just targeting the romantics
  • Channel 4 was keen to showcase its wide range of content, but also needed a way to give its audience greater control over what they want to watch dependent on mood

The Solution

  • The campaign used gamification to encourage users to select their own content, rather than data selections doing it for them
  • An in-email interactive quiz took users through a fun, three-question journey - without leaving the inbox - to discover a range of shows available to view on All 4
  • A 5% control group was implemented to test effectiveness, and recipients were segmented by the time of day they were most likely to open the email

The Results

  • 17% uplift in views against the control
  • Those who interacted with the quiz were 4.6% more likely to go on to view
  • Won Bronze in Best Use of Email category at the 2017 DMA Awards
  • Despite Valentine’s Day being a saturated marketplace, we’ve proved that by taking a creative and unique approach, it’s possible to cut through the noise and make an impact

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How Channel 4 cut through the Valentine's Day noise with an extraordinary quiz

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