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Evidencing location decisions and mitigating risk

The Challenge

Care UK, a leading care home provider, devised an expansion plan to significantly increase their bed capacity. They were looking for a mapping and analysis tool to provide science and to support their network expansion decision-making and marketing strategy.

The Solution

Care UK chose InSite, Acorn and care home data to support their site assessment. Their research team use InSite to identify ‘hot spots’ based on demographic data, assumed bed supply/demand and existing customer profiling. The Care UK marketing team also use profiling data to identify the best postcode sectors to target their typical occupiers.

The Results

InSite has played a significant role in Care UK’s business strategy. They are now able to identify and approach only the sites which are suitable, saving time and money on inspecting unsuitable sites and buying external reports. Their assessment process is accurate and cost efficient, and they are on target to achieve their expansion goal. In addition, Care UK’s marketing approaches are much more targeted, and therefore successful, as they focus only on areas most likely to have a demand for their care home offering.

Further information

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“InSite has been critical to our network expansion plan. It provides us with the knowledge and confidence in our progression of our business portfolio” 

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Evidencing location decisions and mitigating risk