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High-quality butcher cuts into costs with CACI’s Truckstops


Coventry-based Aubrey Allen specialises in serving upmarket hotels and restaurants, which often feature Michelin-starred chefs, and sources much of its produce within the UK. It delivers over a large part of southern Britain with its own Coventry-based refrigerated van fleet and uses a third-party pallet delivery network to serve more distant locations, or those where it would be uneconomic to use its own vehicles.


  • Aubrey Allen’s delivery operations evolved gradually over time, and until the introduction of Truckstops, there were no set routes. Deliveries were planned daily on a manual basis, relying on maps and the scheduler’s own knowledge of customer requirements; and drivers had to hand-write their manifests each morning.
  • We needed to bring the transport operation into the twenty-first century,” says logistics manager Leon Holllngworth. “Truckstops provided the solution.”


  • A notable revelation from using Truckstops was that some deliveries previously contracted out to the pallet network could in fact be handled more efficiently by Aubrey Allen’s in-house van fleet. “We started shifting some of these deliveries to our own vans, and immediately saw the savings mount up,” Leon says. Within just three months, he reports, the savings had reached £30,000, “and the figure is continuing to grow. We’re confident of hitting a figure of £50,000 very quickly.”


  1. There have also been significant improvements in efficiency. For instance, manifests are now created automatically, and Truckstops allows the company to append special notes to each delivery – for instance, an instruction to the driver to place the meat in a fridge, or a note to pick up a key to the premises before leaving the depot. These advances are all helping drivers to get away more quickly each morning – making it easier for them to achieve the target of completing deliveries by 11am.
  2. Customer service has also benefited. “We are more confident about delivery times,” Leon says. “Chefs like certainty, and Truckstops is helping us to provide it.
  3. The company has adopted an unusual “hybrid” approach to running Truckstops. Since it serves a known and relatively settled community of customers, it has made use of Truckstops’ ability to create an optimised group of fixed routes that can be repeated from day to day and week to week.

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"CACI has supplied the company with detailed street-level HERE mapping, complete with traffic restrictions, and the company is taking advantage of Truckstops’ ability to apply different speeds according to location. That means the schedules it produces are a good reflection of real-world driving conditions, even in central London."

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