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The Challenge

The Association of British Bookmakers required a partner to carry out an independent market review to analyse the bookmaking market. The media over recent years has levelled a number of accusations at the bookmaking market which influences national opinion. The purpose of the market review was to assess whether the bookmaking industry intentionally target and locate sites within the most deprived parts of the country.

The Solution

CACI produced a national review of betting shop locations through a detailed micro locational understanding of the market using Retail Footprint, our retail gravity model along with other localised catchment models.

This also included a wealth of data from gambling expenditure, market potential and demographics to understand consumer value and frequency using Acorn (CACI’s market leading geodemographic segmentation), through to a legacy understanding of the growth of the bookmaker market. Furthermore it summarised and benchmarked the growth of bookmaker sites against other retailers.

We wrote a detailed report summarising all of the findings and outlining an independent market view of the location strategy and distribution of bookmakers.

The Results

The CACI solution enables the Association of British Bookmakers team to make strategic market decisions, inform external communication based on an independent market review and counter simplistic accusations that bookmaker operator’s target less affluent consumers and locations.

Further information

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"The report CACI produced for us has been invaluable. CACI clearly understood the brief and their analysis of betting shops has unpinned our advocacy work. I would highly recommend them."

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Market understanding and consultancy for complex sectors