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Monday 29 April 2019 Data Insight & AnalyticsProperty Development

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By Hana Butt

The North has elevated in significance on CACI’s list of the UK’s hottest office locations, with 5 of the top 10 found in the north. Although the South East continues to dominate the list, this is less so compared to 2018 with many areas of the North moving up the ranking including Stockport and Bristol.

CACI has assessed more than 400 UK locations, taking into consideration several different variables including: workforce volume/demographics, accessibility, the quality of the retail and catering offer and Wi-Fi connectivity. Each location has been ranked on each metric and assigned a grade A (most favourable) to E. The higher the grade, the higher the score. London has been excluded from the main ranking and is broken down separately. Additional information on methodology is available on request.

Brighton and Hove has continued to occupy the top spot in the list of hot office locations, its third consecutive year, with its “dynamic and lively business environment alongside good transport links to both London and Portsmouth”. However, Trafford leapfrogged Edinburgh to secure second place thanks to an increase in its affluent worker population. Other notable shifts include Glasgow city centre and South Gloucestershire.

“There has been a rise in other parts of the UK including the West Midlands and Scotland. This shows that there is a growing opportunity for office development beyond London and the South East.”

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1) Brighton & Hove:

With strong transport links to London and a pleasant environment, this coastal tech hotspot continues to dominate the rankings. Brighton & Hove hosts a dense worker population and affluent Acorn profile with 50% of the worker population falling into the top two Acorn categories Affluent Achievers and Rising Prosperity.

2) Trafford:

Trafford is the top north west office location, sitting well above Manchester (10th place) due to its more affluent worker population with 46% sitting in the top two Acorn categories (versus Manchester’s 31%). This is also coupled with 2.2 million residents living within a 30-minute drive.

3) Edinburgh:

This is a highly affluent city with 50% of the worker population falling into the top two Acorn categories. The affluent worker population pushes Edinburgh above Glasgow in the ranking, with the latter hosting a less affluent worker population (36% sits in the top two Acorn categories), despite a less dense worker population in Edinburgh.

4) Bristol:

An up and coming city, Bristol has moved up in the ranks, now sitting in 4th place (8th place in 2018) due to its highly dense worker population. The offer in Bristol is very well aligned to the worker population, with a strong food and beverage offer alongside good transport links.

5) Stockport:

Stockport has seen the greatest increase up the list of the UK’s hottest office locations, having previously ranked 15th in 2018. This sharp rise is being driven by an increase in the proportion of affluent workers in the area, in addition to the 2.3 million residents who live within a 30-minute drive.



Cardiff and Reading both dropped out of the top 10, a trend that may continue to decline over the coming months for the latter. This is due to the rising cost of office rents in Reading due to Crossrail, coupled with uncertainty over when the line will open, which may make potential businesses reconsider locating there in the short term.

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Here are the top 5 five office locations in the UK excluding London. CACI has put together a list of Hot 100 office locations across the UK, excluding London. This blog is the first of two blogs which give a summary of how CACI complied the list and how each location was then ranked on each metric and assigned an A to E grade, A being most favourable.