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Supporting your marketing team through COVID-19

Thursday 9 April 2020 Marketing Technology


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By Jon Ede

With the uncertainty stemming from Coronavirus, and the troubling economic backdrop that comes with it, CACI is working closely with our clients to help them cope with the issues that this brings, and where possible, help them to adapt their business plans that may have been impacted.

In this blog, I share a few of the initiatives that we have been working with our clients on over the past few weeks.

Overflow Resource for Customer Marketing

It goes without saying that increased sickness and the closure of schools and childcare facilities have put increasing pressure on the workforce. Some are adapting admirably, but for others it is not so easy. Since we entered into the heightened state surrounding COVID-19, we at CACI have been lending our services to our clients to provide a resource backstop.

For some clients, especially where business has not been interrupted, CACI have been helping by providing cover so that we can help support business functions when internal staff cannot fulfil those activities. Typically, this involves handover and training upfront, followed by some shadowing.

At the time where you would require our services, we would be able to support. Given the breadth of skills we have available we are able to support in a number of ways, these are:

  • Direct marketing communications in your campaigning tool (email, SMS, push)
  • Reporting and analytics support
  • Data and MarTech support and management

Optimising, rather than replacing, Marketing Technology

For some, it is becoming more challenging to justify the needed investment to replace legacy and poorly performing MarTech. A long-time mantra of mine has always been that it is important to try and optimise your incumbent technology alongside any replacement activity. This has never been more true.

There is significant cumulative value to be had in improving and seeking to achieve “marginal gains” from your current technology and infrastructure. Not only does this leverage your existing assets, getting results quicker, but any ROI generated helps to build and further strengthen the business case for investment in new technology.

CACI have been helping clients to realise these improvements by running phased joint consultative and implementation sprints that:

  • Discovery to map out potential areas of focus for improvement
  • Estimate the required effort to implement
  • Create priority list and roadmap based on ease of implementation and business benefit
  • CACI led implementation or plan and project manage internal development teams
  • Measure, evaluate and iterate priority list
  • Creation of business and investment plans for major initiatives

Automation of Marketing Channels and Communications

These are difficult times, and companies are facing issues with staff shortages, both due to sickness and furloughing. Coupled with a downturn in business that some companies are experiencing, it could be a good time to start implementing increased automation within your Marketing function.

CACI can help you increase automation to remove manual processes within your CRM and Acquisition activities. Either by automating workflows, removing manual repetitive “one off” sends, or improving integrations between siloed platforms. This does not have to be just campaign execution related, another key area that frequently suffers from a lack of automation is Reporting. These tasks often remain manual because:

  • The data is inaccessible for an automated process, or
  • The data has not been formatted so that it is easily useable, or
  • The manual process takes so long to run there is no time to do the automation

Getting Ready

It is important to stay positive during times of uncertainty and continue to plan for the future, and the return to normality.

Budgets are obviously stretched as companies have to make tough decisions, especially with regards to non-essential functions. Whilst this can mean delaying investment in new technology and infrastructure, it does not mean that everything has to stop.

Often new implementations aren’t underpinned with enough strategy and planning, and one of the ways that we are working with our clients is by utilising this time by planning for future implementations. CACI can support you by helping to develop your Data and Customer Strategies, and the associated use cases, which are integral to the successful design and implementation of any MarTech platform.

All of these services can be delivered remotely to ensure that you are ready to start planning for investment in new technology once business has returned to normal.

With the uncertainty stemming from Coronavirus, and with the troubling economic backdrop that comes with it, CACI is working closely with our clients to help them cope with the issues that this brings, and where possible, help them adapt their business plans that may have been impacted.

Supporting your marketing team through COVID-19