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Success Story: Smarter, faster marketing for Iglu using Adobe

Friday 7 December 2018 AdobeCustomer ExperienceData Insight & Analytics


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By Simon Gray

In recent years, the familiar practice of visiting a high street travel agent to book your holiday has been replaced with visiting websites for research, planning and purchasing.

According to ABTA’s 2017 Holiday Habits report, 83% of travellers booked their holidays online last year, with only 17% organising their jaunts in person. That’s up from 76% in 2016 – so engaging with consumers is becoming more and more about reaching them through digital channels.


20 years. Five countries. Hundreds of thousands of recipients.

Now in its 20th year, Iglu offers cruise and ski holidays across three brands – Iglu Cruise, Iglu Ski, and Planet Cruise – making it the UK’s biggest independent travel agent. It also offers impartial, expert advice to an increasingly online research-focused consumer base.

To advertise the internet’s largest selection of cruises, and a range of ski holidays, as well as offers, price drops and new destinations, Iglu’s marketing teams often send out as many as 20 different email campaigns every week. Combine that with direct mail and plans to introduce SMS, and Iglu has a multichannel challenge that the platform it was already using simply wasn’t up for.

So, with masses of email recipients over five countries, and plans to break into new markets and expand that further, Iglu needed a more efficient, effective way to segment, design and share these campaigns.


Moving away from one-size-fits-all marketing

One of Iglu’s keystone email campaigns is its weekly broadcast roundup, detailing 10 top holidays and offers. In the past, these emails were time-consuming, resource-intensive, and had to follow a one-size-fits-all approach.

Using the original platform required the commercial team to manually select the products from two of Iglu’s brands to promote – and were then sent to every email recipient.

Now, with Adobe Campaign, the team has been able to automate much of this process – so it’s now around 40% faster to produce. (Other emails can now be turned around in as little as an hour.)

With less stress on their resources, Iglu’s team can now expand the top 10 broadcast to its whole network across the UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and France. Add in the capabilities of Adobe Target, and the emails now have a completely new level of personalisation.

Instead of sharing the same static deals with every recipient, the offers are now personalised based on each customer’s individual purchase behaviour, so every email is more relevant – and more likely to lead to a sale. The team are also planning to add web behaviour into the data mix using Adobe Analytics for personalisation, which could lead to hundreds of thousands of different top 10 combinations.

In the three months since Iglu sent out its first optimised campaign using the new platform, it’s already seen a 9% increase in open rates.

“We love the efficiency and flexibility of the platform. If you want to do something new, there’s always a way to do it – if not three different ways.”

Chloe O'Malley

Mapping – and improving – the customer journey

Alongside email optimisation, Iglu is now using Adobe Campaign and Adobe Target to streamline and improve its customers’ journeys throughout the website.

Its unsubscribe page is now a preference centre, where customers can tailor individual email subscriptions to match their particular interests – reducing the likelihood of them simply leaving the email list altogether. Since implementing this change, and personalising the emails themselves, the marketing team has already seen a 32% reduction in unsubscribes.

Using Adobe web forms, the team has also put together a form for collecting customer feedback post-purchase, allowing them to track their NPS. This is part of an overall goal to improve and streamline the customer journey from research, through buying and upselling, to post-purchase.


A dedicated, comprehensive support partner

On Adobe’s recommendation, Iglu enlisted CACI to implement its new products – with our expertise and comprehensive Adobe offering, we were well-placed to offer support throughout.

“We did look at other consultancies, but CACI knew the products best,” says Chloe. “They really made an effort to carry out an implementation that met our business requirements – not just an ‘out of the box’ solution.”

We worked with Iglu to optimise its data model, helping deliver more intelligent segmentation for its communications. Through the Adobe suite, its marketing teams now have better access to all customer data from across departments – a single, 360-degree source of truth.

Combined with on-site visits, workshops and training sessions in how to get the most from Adobe Campaign and Adobe Target, we’ve built an ongoing support relationship with the team as they pursue their next projects, including an Analytics implementation.

“The ongoing support from CACI has really helped us kick-start our Adobe journey and better our CRM approach as a business.”

Chloe O'Malley

If you’d like to learn more about what you could achieve with Adobe Campaign and Adobe Target – and how CACI can help you meet your objectives, get in touch.

Independent online travel agent Iglu needed to replace a marketing technology platform that was inflexible, slow and poorly supported. The answer? Adobe Campaign and Adobe Target.

Success Story: Smarter, faster marketing for Iglu using Adobe