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Ransomware - Don't become a victim

Wednesday 7 April 2021 Cyber Security

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By Jason Giddens

Ransomware is a form of malware in which hackers gain access to their victim’s systems and threaten to permanently block or publish private information unless a ransom payment is made. Ransomware can range in levels of complexity - in some cases the lock can be undone by a knowledgeable person, in others, ransomware can be detrimental to your systems.

More advanced attacks use a malware technique called cyrptoviral extortion. This essentially encrypts all of the files with a system and makes it impossible to decrypt until the ransom is met. It is often very difficult to track the source of the attack and hackers may use encrypted digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, in order to make it extremely difficult to trace.

In order to help you not become a victim of attacks like this, here's some details on ransomeware and how to prevent an attack.

What does ransomware look like?

Ransomware often comes in the form of endless notifications or pop-up messages. It can also be seen to just shut down computers and completely lock victims out of their devices. Another common type of ransomware is that page will appear as if it has come from the police claiming that you have been caught preforming illegal activities online so they have locked your device. Your files then get locked into encrypted files making it difficult for you to recover your data.

How much does it cost to get rid of ransomware?

In the most basic of cases, it can cost only £100 to £200, although in more elaborate cases it can net a high payday for the attackers. This is in cases where the hackers know that the data being encrypted will have a significant financial impact on a company if not recovered quickly. Companies have been seen spending millions to recover their data in ransomware attacks. The global financial loss to ransomware in 2021 is predicted to be over $20 billion.

How can you prevent ransomware?

In order to make yourself as safe as possible against ransomware it is essential to make sure that you have strong and recently updated firewalls. We also suggest you avoid suspicious websites and make sure that you use caution when opening unfamiliar emails.


How can CACI help prevent ransomware attacks?

Our Cloud based approach has helped many organisations to ensure that they are working online in the safest way possible. Cloud systems can help simplify storage and collaboration whilst making sure that you are operating safely.

We only use the most secure global cloud infrastructures so that our clients know that their data is as safe. We have the ability to run full diagnostics within your organisation's technological infrastructure that allows us to see specific points of weakness that might not be otherwise noticed within your systems. Our diagnostics can also help to show how a cloud system can organise and streamline technological systems to help save money in the long run.

Find out more about what we offer by visiting our Digital Solutions page.


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Ransomware - Don't become a victim