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Perfecting Your Data Strategy

Thursday 23 April 2020 Data-Led Marketing


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By David Sealey

In the most recent interview of our Next Digital Decade series, our Director of Data Strategy, Ed Sewell, discusses the changes he’s witnessed during his career in data and the ways in which you can effectively gather insight from data to drive value for your business. Watch the full interview below.

Ed explores the main trends and challenges that have affected companies over the past decade and shares his top tip for building a successful data strategy – simply a strong foundation:

“Trends have changed but challenges remain the same; understanding what your data is, getting it prepared and ready, making sure it’s accurate and clean, and then bringing the organisation on board to really start leveraging it.”

He describes the three pillars to a beneficial data strategy and how it can be harnessed to drive value, improve customer experience and increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

He details how the third pillar has helped brands during this difficult time to pinpoint and prioritise their vulnerable customers to get the right treatment. Oversight of their data was crucial for adapting to these circumstances quickly.

Ed concludes by emphasising the importance of centring your strategy around your business goals with his Nine Principles for a Data Strategy acting as a useful guide to achieve your goals and ensure your customers are getting the right interactions at the right time.

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With so much data available to us now, creating a strategy for data driven marketing is essential to deliver value from your marketing. Ed Sewell, CACI's Director of Data Strategy, shares his tips on how you can effectively build your data strategy whilst exploring data trends and challenges that have impacted marketers over the past decade.

Perfecting Your Data Strategy