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PCG News Wrap Up 12th October 2018

Friday 12 October 2018 Property DevelopmentRetail Consultancy

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By Laura Symes

Here’s what the Property Consulting Group have been talking about this week:

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Welcome to the third release of CACI’s Property Consulting Group news blog. Keeping up to date with the latest news and emerging trends in the retail and leisure sector is key to supporting the project work we do with our clients. This means our team are constantly searching for relevant news stories, so we thought we’d share some of the best ones we have been talking about recently with you...


1. A record number of families are renting privately and as home ownership declines, the number of middle-aged renters increases

Concerns over maintenance, insurance and licencing are growing for landlords and according to the BBC, is causing private tenants to spend typically more than 30% of their income on rent.

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In London, a 20-something with a typical average income would spend 55% of their monthly earnings on a mid-range one-bedroom flat

BBC News

2. H&M have invested £15.3 million in the Swedish fintech company, ‘Klarna’, with their aim being to ‘elevate the modern shopping experience.’

Starting in the new year, Klarna will provide H&M with advanced new technology such as voice interactive mirrors and new in-store and online digital payment services across 14 European counties, including the UK.

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3. CACI Hot 100 Residential Index: Discover the top 100 places to live across the UK in 2018. 

Taking into consideration factors such as affordability, quality of schools, provision of shops and restaurants, transport accessibility and crime rates, we’ve identified the top 100 locations in the UK that represent the best value for money.

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Hot 100 Residential Index


4. Intu Properties face a second takeover bid in less than one year. 

Peel Group has confirmed the formation of a consortium comprising of the Olayan Group and Brookfield Property Group in relation to the possible offer. The group has until 1st of November to make an offer.

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5. Amazon are searching for locations in the UK to launch their cashier-less supermarkets ‘Amazon Go.’

Amazon aim to open 3,000 of the automated stores within 3 years which will use cameras and sensors to charge customers automatically when they place an item into their basket.

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6. Collaborating with Notting Hill retailers, the new virtual ‘High Street Takeover’ technology aims to engage shoppers and create a more real and rewarding experience. 

Shoppers are given the opportunity to explore the retailer’s website, view where the items are in store and receive information and style sheets, all by communicating through a smart phone app.

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7. £300 million development at Cribbs Causeway rejected by secretary of state for housing, leaving M&G Real Estate disappointed. 

Sparking concerns for Weston’s regeneration plans and local businesses, the expansion was rejected arguing that Bristol’s centre should be the focus of a new development.

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8. BHS make a surprising return to the high street… 

Al Mana, a Qatari conglomerate, are passionate to see British Home Stores make a return to the UK high street and have struck a deal with the Bournemouth based department store, Beales, who have begun trialling a new BHS concession.

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9. Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s is taking on a ‘department store-style’ approach by increasing their beauty offer.

With the aim to reinvent itself and focus on non-grocery categories, Sainsbury’s will trial new beauty aisles and hire specialist staff across 11 stores in Britain.

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a substantial push into the UK’s £2.8bn beauty market, which is continuing to grow while fashion and homeware sales fall back

The Guardian

10. Ahead of Christmas, Marks and Spencer launches a checkout-free mobile payment service called ‘Mobile, Pay, Go.’

Allowing customers to pick up lunch in “under 40 seconds”; the iPhone app lets customers scan products, up to a value of £30, through their phone and pay via Apple Pay or a saved card on their M&S account.

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11. The refurbishment of Selfridges’ flagship store is among the successful initiatives paying towards a record £181 million operating profit for its latest financial year.

As well as the £300 million revamp of the Oxford Street store, the opening of luxury brands Louis Vuitton and Tiffany in The Bullring has contributed to the strong performance.

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if you can create a sense of fun and the unexpected that inspires people to keep coming to your stores, it is a powerful recipe

Anne Pitcher to The Times

12. Take a look at the new Debenhams store at Intu Watford…

Covering 86,000sq feet of the multi-million-pound extension, the new department store features the UK’s first redesigned beauty hall, containing a hair lab, mini bar and Beauty Club house.

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13. B&Q may see the loss of 200 management roles after company restructure. 

Stock replenishment will now be carried out during customer facing hours and over-night replenishment scrapped, which could see around 200 management roles lost.

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14. Buzzfeed to open a toy store in New York’s Flatiron District. 

Agreeing to take 11,000 square feet of retail space, Buzzfeed’s new store, ‘Camp’, will see kids’ toys at the front of the store, whilst the back will have an experimental area dedicated to social media.

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Our team are constantly searching for relevant news stories, so we thought we’d share some of the best ones we have been talking about recently with you

PCG News Wrap Up 12th October 2018


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