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Introducing CACI Digital Systems

Friday 23 November 2018 Digital Consultancy

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By Jeremy Atkins

Now that I am well into my new role at CACI Digital Systems, I thought I had better answer one of the most common questions I get asked by both my friends and potential customers: 


Who are you and what do you do?


In my 10 Rules for Sales Transformation, Rule 5 is about creating a simple but outcome-based proposition. This was easier said than done when the team is made up of 3 organisations that appeared to have different skill sets that have been merged together!

Not only have we moved many government departments online and into the cloud; we've also aggregated, merged and managed nearly all of the railway industry's data, used AI for Gate Departure sequencing at major airports, modernised and transformed customer interaction for a Premier League Football Club, car insurance and a major restaurant chain! Add to all that, we are leading the field in Native Cloud Agile development, we are building the Scottish Census natively on AWS and we are assisting our customers on how to run Dev Ops and Support in the new Cloud Agile world. So how on earth do I find the common themes and outcomes from that lot?

As I spoke to our customers, my sales people, the delivery team (over 60 Developers, Architects, Testers and PMs), some common threads appeared and a cohesive story started to take shape.

I started with the 'why?' Why do our customers come to us and what do they want? These are customers where we have completely transformed their websites, modernised their application landscape or integrated complex data feeds to automate and augment decisioning and I was able to show it as:

I then looked at how we do this and pulled together all of the areas of expertise; the platforms and products we excel at; how we manage and support before, during and after transformation and how does this drive customer outcomes?

This is the picture that I came up with. For the first time we had a single, cohesive proposition.

So, we know why our customers come to us and we know what we do. So how do we turn that into a single sentence that describes who we are? Again, it has to be centred around outcomes, be straightforward whilst being all-encompassing. This is the result I came up with:


So, the next time you are looking up your train times, sat on an aeroplane waiting to leave the gate, doing your tax return, renewing your car insurance, looking up your Scottish Ancestry, sitting in court or choosing a restaurant; the chances are your are benefiting from a CACI Digital Systems Solution.



Just who are CACI Digital Systems? And what exactly do they do?

Introducing CACI Digital Systems


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