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How The O2 Arena transformed its email campaigns

Friday 2 November 2018 AdobeCRMCustomer Experience


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By Simon Gray

In 2018, industry analyst Radicati estimates that over 281 billion emails will be sent and received every day. That stratospheric (and growing) number means it’s only getting harder for emails to stand out in a crowded inbox – so organisations need to ensure every email they send is high-quality and high-value.

Delivering an effective email campaign isn’t straightforward; the best communications come from a strategic approach, combining email best-practices, A/B testing and meaningful personalisation. But, this is easier said than done when you’re wrestling with resource and time-intensive email creators – as many organisations are.


The O2’s arena-sized email challenge

As the most popular entertainment venue in the world, the O2 Arena hosts over 200 shows every year. To advertise these events – including concerts, tournaments, conferences and festivals – its digital teams send out hundreds of different emails to thousands of recipients.

Unsurprisingly, this is a major task.

The O2 needed an email builder that could connect directly to its website, automatically pull in images and copy from existing events pages to help the team build emails faster. The team also wanted a solution that integrated with their Adobe Campaign platform – giving them new opportunities for adding personalised content.

So, what does that kind of solution look like in practice?


Introducing The O2 to Email Studio for Adobe Campaign

Rather than wasting time on fiddly HTML tweaks and render testing, there’s an easier way to build and deliver emails – without complex coding and design skills. Our Adobe Amplify solution, Email Studio, is designed to add a layer of powerful communications-building technology to Adobe Campaign, with predefined best-practice workflows already in place.

Combine this simplicity with bespoke interactive modules, flexible branded templates and the user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, and the communications team at The O2 now have a far faster way to design and develop campaigns, get approval from partners and stakeholders, and send out their emails.

They’ve moved from resource-heavy, time-consuming processes to fast, efficient campaign delivery. That gives the team more time to focus on their strategic marketing goals, and A/B testing their campaigns to measure performance. Darryl Bernstein, the CRM and Digital Manager, has noted an increase in click rates for their emails – particularly for interactive elements.


What could you do with Email Studio and Adobe Campaign?

We created Email Studio as an extra layer of capability for Adobe Campaign, to help marketers create impactful email campaigns using faster, more intuitive workflows.

With best-practice processes built in, a range of bespoke, flexible modules, an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, and a wide capacity for personalisation and customisation, marketers can send emails out up to 80% faster using Email Studio.

You can hear more about how teams at AEG Live – the company that operates the O2 Arena – partnered with CACI to power up its Adobe Campaign capabilities in our customer success video. And, for more detail on Email Studio, our approved Adobe Amplify Solution, (and what it could do for you), visit our product page.

The O2 Arena sends out thousands of emails every year – and its digital teams needed a more streamlined, user-friendly way to create them.

How The O2 Arena transformed its email campaigns