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How to Make the Most of Adobe Campaign

Thursday 15 February 2018 AdobeCRM


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By David Sealey
Proactive marketers are getting to grips with Adobe Campaign – but they’re also aware the tool has more potential they haven’t yet unlocked. 
As Head of Customer Engagement at CACI, it’s my job to ensure our clients have a clear strategy in place to get the most from their software. And in this short post, I’ll outline how we’ve helped some leading brands to overcome their day-to-day challenges, and get more value from their Adobe Campaign investment. 

Challenge 1: too many demands, too little time

Organisations told us they’re satisfied with their speed of delivery and efficiency. But, when it comes to their bandwidth to deploy campaigns, they can struggle to cope with demands and constant changes from the business. 
This constant pressure around delivery negatively affects quality, and can make it difficult to further develop your Adobe Campaign practice – so the first change is an organisational one; take a business-wide view when drawing up your strategy, get early buy-in from your stakeholders and create headroom wherever you can.
That means simple, practical steps, like documenting your processes, creating checklists for when people are on leave, and ensuring things are as streamlined as possible. It can help to use automation wherever possible and to have specialist expert employees to facilitate this business change process. 
It’ll also help if you can ensure your KPIs align to wider business objectives and are agreed by your executive team so you can build them into your campaign methodology.

Challenge 2: recruiting and retaining technical skills

As well as bottlenecks around resources, skills are a real issue – both from a contact strategy perspective and day-to-day operations. 
Adobe Campaign is intuitive, but mastery takes time – and while successful implementation could well be career-defining, recruitment and retention are pivotal. So, it becomes even more important that you show your team how they can expect to progress, with development roadmaps that enhance their skills, keep them motivated and, in turn, create in-house experts.
Generally, we find that upskilling your key Adobe Campaign users is a sound investment – enhancing productivity, and reducing turnover of valuable expert staff.  

Challenge 3: legacy systems and siloed data

Organisations have more data sources they could integrate with Adobe Campaign but often extracting the data from silos and legacy systems takes time, and skill. 
Attitudinal and survey data are the least used, yet they have real potential – we’ve seen significant uplifts in response rates among brands who personalise by simply asking customers what they want. Consider prioritising these data sources and bring in external experts where necessary so you can to begin to drive results more quickly. Surveys no longer have to be longwinded and unappealing – they can be interactive and fun.
How we're helping brands maximise Adobe Campaign
Bookatable: Migrating to Adobe Campaign to introduce more targeted campaigns
In order to move into a real-time, multi-channel CRM landscape and to be in line with its parent company (Michelin Travel Partner), Bookatable needed to migrate to the Adobe Campaign platform. And given the importance of this channel to the bookings revenue, this migration needed to be seamless and deliver a flawless solution.
We worked closely with Bookatable’s CRM team to successfully define a suitable data model to support current and future targeting requirements, and migrate all existing campaigns to Adobe Campaign – whilst maintaining the team’s current campaign process and operations.
Now, we’re working alongside Bookatable to get the very best out of this powerful tool. This has involved upskilling the CRM executives and optimising BAU processes for efficiency gains, tackling the first challenge outlined earlier.
Once efficiencies were in place, we’ve started focusing on the bigger picture. Together, we are now implementing a testing framework for proof of concept campaigns, executing a number of A/B decision campaigns, and have found quick wins through tactical tweaks of data and content. Introducing CACI Email Studio will further improve efficiency, flexibility and performance, while streamlined, automated delivery reports now only take 10 minutes to compile on a weekly basis. 
Channel 4: Maximising Adobe Campaign’s full potential through Automated Premieres
Adobe Campaign has always been at the forefront of our work with Channel 4. Together, we developed and implemented a complex campaign to drive up both email and viewer engagement, whilst reducing the manual effort involved. 
The campaign brief was to send a weekly email to engaged viewers promoting a new episode of one of the channel’s most popular series – including Made in Chelsea and First Dates – 48 hours before it was available on TV. This process needed to be automated for each series and the goal was to optimise the campaign based on previous results, enabling it to become more targeted each week.
We built the campaign in a single workflow, gathering data from multiple sources through Adobe Campaign’s different schemas. These consisted of content data and initial audience selections (through viewer behaviour and segmentations), and the audience selections were enhanced (through viewer behaviour and tracking logs) as the weeks rolled on. 
This campaign proved to be hugely successful. The premieres maintained high viewership throughout each series, while the emails consistently became more targeted. This delivered clear results: the proof of concept, prior to the campaign’s full release, saw a 41% uplift in open rate from episode 1 to episode 5 (email 1 to email 5) and a 53% uplift in clicks. In parallel to the positive results, the team was able to spend the time gained through automation looking into actual insights and optimising the targeting strategy based on performance metrics and behaviour patterns.

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Overcoming these 3 challenges will help brands use Adobe Campaign to its full potential

How to Make the Most of Adobe Campaign