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Enhancing Your Customer Journey in 4 Steps

Friday 12 July 2019 CRMCustomer Experience

Lauren Mort and Nick Glover's picture
By Lauren Mort and Nick Glover

Big ideas are the lifeblood of any forward-thinking organisation. Products like Amazon’s Alexa or entire business models such as Airbnb started as concepts, but were given the chance to develop and blossom by those who could see their potential. Key to these market disrupters were a group of individuals who identified a gap in the market.

So, what does this have to do with your business and CRM activity?

By understanding your customer base, realigning your business objectives, reviewing the data and tech available and exploring engagement concepts, you can exploit gaps in the marketplace by enhancing your customer journey. 

We’ve enabled clients from across sectors to understand their customer journey and discover where the gaps lie. In this post we set out 4 key steps to enhance your customer journey.


1. Identify your audiences and their needs

Identifying who your customers are is the critical starting point of a customer journey. We often find ourselves considering the customer in two ways:

• First, where they are on their journey, by identifying key actions they’re taking with the brand, such as an initial sign up or a recent purchase;
• Second, who they are e.g. data on their demographic and historical behaviour.

Combining these two layers adds complexity to the customer journey - fundamental in considering and addressing your customers' needs'.  Once you’ve identified your audiences and their life stages, you can begin to align to your business objectives and activities around conversion, retention and loyalty.


2. Align your business objectives to your audiences

Reviewing your business objectives with a deeper understanding of who your customers are is an essential next step in enhancing the customer journey. Defining objectives in this way allows you to align organisational targets with customer needs.  To do this, you need to review how you’re measuring performance.

Setting out a series of specific KPIs that allow you to measure your objectives at each stage of the customer journey. In turn allowing you to create a phased approach for implementation and demonstrate success back to the business.


3. Review your CRM channel mix, data and tech

It’s easy to get excited about the direction in which your CRM activity can go. Your customer journey should be an aspirational vision that inspires you to take the next step in evolving the customer experience.

A good customer journey will define the requirements needed across the business in order to implement it. Aspirational visions are great, but unless you can identify the dependencies to make it happen, it can quite often sit on the shelf.

Understanding the channels, data and tech you have at your disposal is a great starting point. From here you can set out a roadmap leading to your future vision and ensuring the customer journey can be achieved.


4. Define engagement concepts to take your customer journey into a contact strategy

To take your customer journey from vision to reality you need to define the contact strategy – a blueprint of the communications a customer will receive. To get there, start defining the engagement concepts that align with the customer journey life stages, objectives, KPIs, channels and requirements outlined above.

Start by thinking customer first, put yourself in their shoes. What are the types of activity that would make their journey with you easier? Utilise your data insight to set out behaviourally driven engagement ideas that will connect the customer journey and deliver a great experience.

If you’re brimming with aspiration but find it difficult to deliver your customer journey, get in touch. We’ll be happy to organise an introductory session to explore your vision and needs.


Enhancing Your Customer Journey in 4 Steps