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CACI Hot 100 Residential Ranking 2018

Tuesday 2 October 2018 Data Insight & AnalyticsDemographic DataProperty Development

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By John Platt

Every year CACI compile a ranking of the top 100 places to live across the UK. Using the wealth of information we have on residential property, we’ve identified the top 100 locations in the UK that represent the best value for money when wider amenities and infrastructure are taken into account.

Our ranking takes into consideration a variety of variables including affordability, provision of shops and restaurants, quality of schools, transport accessibility and crime levels.

In recent years we have seen Scotland and the north of England dominate the rankings, mainly driven by affordability. This year Scottish districts hold the top two spots, but we have also seen a rise in districts in the South East. The South East is now the joint most prominent region, alongside the North West, making up 16% of the top 100. This is driven by a slight increase in affordability as well as the inclusion of crime stats in the ranking for the first time; incidents of crime per head of population is lower across many of the top ranking towns and cities. 

London, as we have seen in previous years, still ranks poorly; a combination of very low affordability and high crime rates mean that only 4 London Boroughs make the Top 100. The Borough of Wandsworth however has been a standout performer ranking at 23rd. Wandsworth scores strongly on local amenities and public transport accessibility (as do many areas across London) but also contains a very high number of people that are likely to move house in the next 12 months. This figure comes from CACI’s propensity to move Ocean dataset.



Much has been said in the press over recent months about declining house prices. This, coupled with a slight increase in average wages, should see the gulf between income and house price come down. However, despite this decrease a large proportion of districts in our ranking still score low on overall affordability.

it is more than just house price that makes an area desirable

Eight of the Top 10 are graded C or below for affordability (each location is graded A to E for each variable, A being the highest score), showing that it is more than just house price that makes an area desirable. Whilst price is often the driving factor, the local amenities, schools, transport accessibility and general infrastructure have a big impact. The reason people choose to live in area changes depending on affluence and lifestage.



The availability of more granular data on type and location of crime has allowed us to include the additional variable of ‘crime’ into the analysis this year. The introduction of new crime stats has led to some interesting shifts in the data with areas such as Brighton, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Sheffield and Preston experiencing big rises due to relatively low crime rates per head of population.

To download the full infographic with the complete Hot 100 Index, click here.


CACI Hot 100 Residential Index


The CACI Hot 100 Housing Index was first released by Property Week in September 2018.
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CACI Hot 100 Residential Ranking 2018


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