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CACI becomes an official Snowflake Cloud Data Platform Partner

Friday 23 October 2020 Data-Led Marketing


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By David Sealey

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CACI is focussed on doing amazing things with data. For that reason, I’m really pleased to announce that through certifications and client case studies, we’ve achieved an official Select Partnership level with Snowflake.

Our clients have always relied on CACI to combine complex and large data sets to improve their business. Whether we’re bringing together data from across multiple brands and systems to build a 360-degree view of customer data, or analysing anonymous data from the UK’s major banks and lenders, we have expertise that brands can trust.

Snowflake is a cloud-based data platform that is gaining significant traction with CTOs. Snowflake is also one the fastest growing tech companies in the world and recently went public with a $60bn valuation.

Through its unique technology, Snowflake can power critical real-time use cases for CMOs and achieve improved time to value. Jon Ede who leads CACI’s Snowflake practice said:

I’ve built more SCVs and CDPs in my career than I wish to count. A lot of the functionality that a modern platform needs to deliver is out the box with Snowflake, allowing for a CMO to cut down on the upfront implementation time and deliver value sooner. As a technologist who has spent most of their career working in Marketing, I see immediate benefits of Snowflake to a CMO.

CACI and Snowflake for CMOs

CACI and Snowflake combined bring together a cutting-edge data platform with expertise in delivering customer marketing solutions.

As already demonstrated with our real-time Customer Personalisation Platform architecture that is built on Snowflake, CACI is developing answers for real CMO needs. To find out more about the Customer Personalisation Platform you can watch the webinar recording here.

CACI has also integrated our identity resolution services into Snowflake, enabling marketers to bring together multiple data sets and, in real-time, combine duplicates. Improving the accuracy of reporting, attribution, and campaign selection.

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If you’d like to understand more about the data challenges that marketers are facing, I recommend you read our recent article on the challenges of personalised marketing.

We're pleased to announce our recent certification as a Snowflake Select Partner!

CACI becomes an official Snowflake Cloud Data Platform Partner