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3 Practical ways to Make Your Marketing More Audience Driven

Thursday 9 November 2017 Data Insight & AnalyticsData-Led MarketingDigital Consultancy

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By Suzanne Jiggens-Johnson

Here at CACI, we’ve seen a growing number of digital marketing clients adding in new layers of data or channel integration, to target and deliver their messages in a more sophisticated, nuanced way.

We call this multichannel, multi-data approach Audience Driven Marketing – and it has a number of important advantages:

Multiple data points allow enhanced targeting. Your ability to deliver the right message to the right person increases exponentially with each data point you add. This gives you the power to improve relevance – and hence response rates – while minimising wasted budget.

Multiple channels accelerate conversion at scale. Used independently, each channel has its own place in a customer’s buying journey. When you combine channels, you also layer in scale: which increases the propensity to convert and reduces the chances of annoying prospects and customers.

Combining the two approaches gives the best of both – consistently reaching each potential customer with a tailored message that resonates, across multiple channels, which scales your marketing faster and more effectively than operating independently in one channel.

Matrix: Audience Driven Marketing involves multiple channels and data points

Often, a brand will have begun the transition to a more audience-focused approach, but finds it difficult to identify the next step. If that sounds familiar, adding a new data point into the mix could be a good idea. Here are three examples.


Starting simple: using a single channel, and layering in new data points

Layering in multiple data points to improve targeting can enhance the effectiveness of a single channel – improving response rates and reducing CPA.


Example 1: Geographic search engine targeting

Data: 1st and 3rd party demographic (geographic location) + 3rd party context (internet search)

Channel: PPC

Within Google, it’s possible to analyse conversion rate by geographic region – and upweight spend in the areas where return is highest. You can also tailor messaging and offers accordingly.

Result: 5-20% increase in click through rate; 20-40% increase in conversion rate; 15-30% reduction in CPA.


Example 2: Two-dimensional website personalisation

Data: 1st party demographic data (geographic location) + 1st party context (device data)

Channel: website

Combine your data on the user’s whereabouts with real-time information about their browsing device, and you can optimise their website experience with relevant content, messaging, recommendations and calls to action.

Result: 50-100% improvement in site engagement; 10-20% increase in conversion rate.


Example 3: Hyper-targeted social advertising

Data: 1st and 3rd party demographic + 1st party behavioural (site use)

Channel: paid social

We helped Ecco Shoes to create profiles from its CRM data, using multiple data partners and products totalling over 300 million UK cookies. The resulting profiles were then used to select Facebook Partner Audiences. This targeting was refined with site browsing data – specifically retargeting those who had engaged with Ecco’s video ads.

Result: four-fold increase in purchase volume; 77% reduction in CPA


Marketing evolution, one step at a time

These small, practical changes – layering in one new data point after another – might seem simple, but a more sophisticated approach to marketing doesn’t have to happen overnight. It can evolve gradually, based upon testing one idea at a time.


Find Out More

For some more advanced suggestions, applying the same audience-driven principles in a multichannel context read our next article in this series

If you’d like to discuss the specifics of integrating more channels or data sources, our team of digital marketing experts would be delighted to chat about some of the successful examples we’ve seen.

We've seen a growing number of digital marketing clients adding in new layers of data or channel integration, to target and deliver their messages in a more sophisticated, nuanced way. We call this multichannel, multi-data approach Audience Driven Marketing.

3 Practical ways to Make Your Marketing More Audience Driven


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