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Agile delivery that makes a real difference, really quickly

The Government’s Digital by Default agenda has changed the way IT and digital services are created, tested and deployed. While the quality, usability and security will always be vital, agility is everything. And it's embedded in everything we do.

Not only do we enjoy a huge depth of resources, stability and range of skills, but we are also dynamic, experienced and transparent. Meaning that our government clients get the most responsive team possible.

Our expert agile delivery, digital integration and DevOps teams specialise in designing, building and running new digital services, including the provision of these services in secure cloud environments. We’ve been doing this for Government at Business Impact Levels 2, 3 and 4 (BIL2, BIL3, BIL4) for over 12 years. Our approach combines the highest level of expertise, professionalism and innovative technology, with a pace and energy that means we consistently deliver beyond expectations.
Our close-knit teams of multi-skilled professionals waste no time in applying commercial sector skills and timeframes, to even the most complex digital challenges. We work collaboratively to define the best project and management structure to ensure the user, and their needs, are at the heart of every process and every stage. From discovery to iterative design, technology choices and continuous delivery, we are 100% aligned with our clients to create a user-focused experience that delivers the best customer experience. 
Partnered with leading technology companies including Amazon Web Services and Skyscape, we offer the perfect mix of technology, consultancy and digital service integration. So if you're looking for help with a fully managed cloud service, implementing Infrastructure as a Service or simply advice on how to get the most out of G-Cloud, then call us today. 

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