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InSite: Knowledge via analysis


Those companies that understand their customer characteristics and behaviour will thrive in the future. Those that can do this in an efficient manner, delivering valuable insight to the business in quick-time will rise above the rest.

InSite Vision is the latest release of CACI’s market analysis software designed specifically to deliver site analysis, customer insight and outlet planning. InSite delivers efficient, valuable insight that draws on CACI’s data and catchment models in an easy to use package which leaves it as the most widely used market analysis tool in the UK.

InSite will deliver competitive advantage and the means to maximise opportunities whilst minimising risk. InSite is perfect for customer profiling and can hold and analyse millions of records with ease, customer data uploaded and customer profiles generated within seconds. When used in conjunction with CACI’s market leading, proprietary tools such as Acorn, our geo-demographic classification, and our specialist catchment models; a powerful tool is placed at your fingertips to deliver knowledge via analysis.

InSite provides the means to evaluate new locations according to market spend, catchment analysis and via the identification of hotspots of customer potential.  

…and now access it from everywhere

InSite Everywhere is our innovative, new web-enabled version of InSite Vision. It will allow you to undertake customer profiling, analysis and thematic mapping, plus access valuable location reports wherever you are from your laptop or tablet.

Whilst InSite is easy to use, efficient and powerful, CACI recognise the need to partner with our clients to ensure quick wins and an ongoing return on investment. Our support and consultancy team are there to guide, advise and teach you to ensure InSite delivers competitive advantage for you.

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