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Understanding your brand performance

CACI offers a breadth of market data, and store catchment models to allow consumer product companies to understand how their brands should perform across the retail environment.

Whether brands want to understand residential product potential through demographic segmentation using CACI’s market-leading Acorn classification, market research questions, expenditure data, or any of the multitude of data sources at our fingertips, CACI can provide a solution.

This data can then be used in tandem with CACI’s sophisticated store catchment models to understand how this latent residential potential makes its way into the tills of stores across the country, whether it be in grocery multiples, convenience stores or retail centres.

Define catchments

CACI’s ProVision model defines the catchments and turnover for all grocery stores over 300sqm. C-score allows companies to rank and segment c-stores. Retail Footprint reports on the catchments of some 5,000 comparison retail centres in Great Britain and Ireland.

CACI has already helped companies identify –

  • Stores whose customers are most likely to try new product lines
  • Outlets with a similar demographic profile to the stores which perform best now
  • Shops that are under or over-performing in terms of sales against potential

So, whether you are looking to rank stores, cluster stores, match your products to the right stores, or highlight the most appropriate outlets for launching NPD, we have a solution for you.

What's New

Case Study
Understanding store potential and building a more complete category picture.
Case Study
Supporting growth for one of the UK's fastest-growing snacks.

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