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Field Force Planning


Less waste. Reduced costs. More productivity.


There are four fundamental questions that companies should ask to increase the efficiency of their frontline field sales teams:

1. Which customers should they prioritise?

Whether calling on grocery multiples, high street or convenience stores, it is important that reps are spending time with stores that offer the biggest opportunity.

CACI offer a combination of sophisticated shopping models and market potential data to help clients perform robust segmentation and store rankings.

2. What is the optimum number of sales people required? 

Field personnel spend most of their work day calling on and travelling between stores. Most companies can allocate how much time is spent in calls and meetings, but do not have an accurate assessment of how much travel time is required to complete planned schedules.

CACI’s InSite FieldForce software identifies how much travel time is required, and enables companies to undertake headcount analysis in order to plan optimum sales headcount for best area coverage.

3. How should sales territories be structured?

There are two main ways to create territory structures – territory planning and territory optimisation.

Territory planning is a traditional and often ineffective method. It involves manual, subjective alignment of geography to sales force, but it is time-consuming, and inefficient.

Territory optimisation, provided by CACI, is a more sophisticated intelligent approach. It uses automated algorithms to make efficient, objective allocations, creating territories that have balanced workloads, and can create drivetime reductions of up to 32%.

4. In what sequence should the calls be made?      

Expecting salespeople to create the most efficient call schedules is unrealistic. Most sales people are focussed on their end-of-month or end-of-quarter target, and can easily neglect the onerous manual administration time to work out how best to get around their territory.

The most efficient call schedule will take into account the full road network, visit frequencies and restrictions, and will plan efficiently across a whole call cycle.

CallSmart, CACI’s call scheduling software, automatically creates efficient schedules in a fraction of the time it would take to do manually, drastically reducing administration, time spent planning and travelling.

CACI can help companies find the best answers to all of these questions, and deliver significant improvements in field force efficiency and profitability.


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