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For many years Kerryfresh had utilised off the shelf mapping tools/software and manual processing to route the fleet of vans from the different Sales Centres. This was very involved, and it was necessary for team members from every Sales Centre to create individual routes. With increasing complexity, through various acquisitions of sites, changes to roads, loading restrictions, increasing customer numbers, and increased van numbers to meet the demand, the process for routing became increasingly more complex, which in turn was more time consuming and, ultimately, more costly.


Kerryfresh, aware of the issues it faced, decided to work with CACI following previous work they had done together with headcount analysis, territory optimisation and journey planning.

Together they identified the following key areas of focus:

  • Identify efficient Sales Centre locations
  • Accurately calculate van and manpower required by Sales Centre
  • Automatically create achievable, drive time efficient routes
  • Automatically create van routes with multidrops and visit restrictions
  • Offer a significant return on their investment